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Diwan card game


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Diwan card game

A group of Deev’s (demons) crawled in a small village to destroy humans’ faith and own their souls by killing and manipulating innocent ones.

In Iranian literature Deev’s are the symbols of darkness their basic ritual is lying and deception; It’s up to humans to recognize the truth and that is a way for maturity.


Diwan is an Iranian version of Werewolves/Mafia, Localized and redesigned by Bahamzi team and it’s been in the local market since 2016. It includes 15 roles based on Persian literature and mythology. The graphics are also coming from traditional illustrations and lithography.

Diwan includes 15 different roles:
Human side: Villagers, the Inspector, the Magician, the Lovebird, the Hunter, the Dead, etc.
Deev side: White Deev, Black Deevs and Jinn.
The Limmer: This character wins the game alone.

features of this card game

Language: Persian

The package Includes:

23 Playing Cards
1 Extensive Rulebook (46 Pages in Farsi)

Material: Metal hard box, Cards

Dimensions: 107x82x25
Weight: 150 gr (approx)


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