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Dadaan card game


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Dadaan card game

A group of Dadds (Beasts) led by a Deev (demon) are gathered together to put an everlasting spell on human’s knowledge of the universe, so that they’re sealed away from man’s memory. Zirak (a brave and cunning human) has infiltrated this foul ceremony in disguise to discover the spelled subject and then escape from there to break the spell.

Dadaan is a compact and quick deduction-based party game that is played in two phases: 1- 20 questions and 2- Deduction.

In the first phase everyone should get to the subject of the round by asking yes/no questions from the master Deev. One of the players also knows the subject and he should help others finding the subject without revealing her/his identity.

They have only 3 minutes to find the right answer.

The second phase will begin only if the group has guessed the subject correctly before time runs out. Now -with the help of Deev- Dadds have to identify the hidden role of Zirak.
The winner gets the score indicated on the subject card.

features of this card game

Language: Persian

The package includes:
8 Role Cards
42 Subject Cards
1 Sand Timer
1 Extensive Rulebook (46 Pages in Farsi)

Material: Metal hard box, Cards, Plastic Sand Timer

Dimensions: 107x82x25
Weight: 200 gr (approx)


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