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Categoril (Esm Kartil) card game


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Categoril (Esm Kartil): card game

Categoril is an innovative card game based on the well-known traditional pen and paper game of The Categories (DE: Stadt, Land, Fluss).

The box consists of two decks of cards: The Alphabet deck, and the Subject deck. The main activity of this game is to find a subject that starts with a specific letter!

Word Hunting can be played in 4 different ways including a real-time version, 2 turn-based push your luck version, and a breath-taking team-based version where one of the team members holds his breath (as teams timer!) while his partner tries to match the letters with subjects as fast as she can!

Since it’s very easy to learn, children and grownups can play it at the same age range and also with other ranges, and it remains joyful either.

The difficulty of each game can also be modified by ejection of hard or medium cards (3 and 2 stars cards)

Categorical is very easy to learn but hard to master!


features of this card game

Language: Persian

The package includes:

64 Playing Cards (32 Farsi Alphabets + 32 Subject Cards)
1 Extensive Rulebook (46 Pages in Farsi)

Material: Metal hard box, Cards
Dimensions: 107x82x25
Weight: 150 gr (approx)

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